Scalextric's "My First" Set – Looney Tunes


In this edition of the Track Review, we look at Scalextric’s new HO format set targeted to children. It appears that the goal for Scalextric was to produce a slot car set that is: 1) cost effective for a parent’s first purchase of a slot car toy for their child, 2) engineer set pieces to be easy to assemble and robust under use, 3) engineer the racing experience – cars, track surface, controllers – that is not frustrating and is easy to learn. In all these things, Scalextic has hit a home run. Retail price is $39.95 plus any shipping. Track is up and running in 10 minutes. Controllers have skill level settings. Cars run fast and stick well without any aftermarket parts or work. Don’t be judgmental that this is not an adult hobby item like the discontinued Micro Scalextric system. This thing is for young kids and gets the job done !!!



  1. Whilst they have done a solid job on this, it is tragic that they once again reduced their smaller line to a kid's toy. I got them close to treating it more seriously, and the guys I spoke to utterly rejected the idea that increased Micro sales just eat into 1/32nd bread-and-butter sales, if both are marketed as hobby products. However, those guys seem to be gone now. Micro cars have of course had braids since 1995.

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