Marchon's Canyon of Doom Set Review


A closer look at the Marchon HO slot car concept track – Canyon of Doom. Too Kool for Skool ?!? In the end, it was not terrible to put together, just time consuming. For a slot car set, it is a very complex to assemble. The risk of damaging the die-cut cardboard parts is high. You have to take your time fitting all the element together. But, once it’s all up and running, the track is very stable. The car runs well with only having to put on rear Super Tires. The chassis has plenty of downforce so it drives easy. The lighted chassis is cool looking and it would have been really nice to have had the yellow jeep for some side by side action. All in all it would be an interesting set a hobbyist given one’s ability to fit all the parts together.



  1. Hi Terry, this is an interesting set. Great channel. I send a mail to your webshop "" and never recieved an answer. Maybe it ended up in the thrash so i send it again. Are you still in business?

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