Viper Scale Racing V1 Chassis – HOPRA Approved

After more than a year of engineering, testing and material development, VSR is proud to introduce the latest in cutting edge chassis design.  The “V1” is a multipurpose inline platform that is based on the very popular and successful Tomy Super G+. The V1is the ultimate upgrade for any Super G+.   It can also be used to build a high performance race car for multiple classes.

All parts from the Super G+ are interchangeable with the V1 chassis with the only exception being the thicker traction magnets.  There will be two styles of V1 chassis available.  The first features standard Tomy body clip mounts and the second comes equipped with molded in body post that allow use of lightweight lexan bodies.  The V1 is lower, lighter, more durable and FASTER!!! Available at Viperscaleracing.com

1) It is the ultimate version of the Super G Plus.
2) Rear axle pin hole locators.  Uses standard cut back sewing pins.
3) Lightened rear end features.
4) Handling ‘tunnels’ under the chassis.  Area was relieved several thousandths to allow clearance for high rails.  Mimics a sanded chassis effect.
5) Molded in body posts.  Posts can be cut off for using Tomy hard body clip.  Chassis can be restored with standard aluminum screw-in posts.
6) Lightened front end features.
7) Front bumper.
8) Lightened timing bracket.
9) Chassis clip has relief cutout for ease of rear bushing oiling.
10) Chassis will be produced in different stiffness.
11) Chassis has more generous dimensions in the motor box that eliminates Tomy ceramic motor magnet binding.  Eliminates the need to sort ceramic motor magnets according to length.

 Milestones in development:

1) July 2013 the decision was made to move the project forward and obtain engineering quotes.
2) Sept 2013 primary engineering completed.
3) Nov 2013 3D printed chassis ordered for design analysis and proof of concept.
4) Feb 2014 mold tooling maker finalized.
5) March 2014 injection mold house finalized.
6) July 2014 T1 samples evaluated.
7) Oct 2014 T5 samples evaluated and mold design finalized.
8) Nov 2014 mold tooling shipped to injection mold house.
9) Dec 1, 2014 first chassis run from mold house.

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