Riggen 4000 – Customer Car Test

HC Slots Riggen 4000 Brass Car - Testing customer's car. 7/25 gears, 8 ohm balanced armature, Slade's rear tires, HCS Porsche 917K Gulf...

Gary Rider Limited Edition – Ron’s Car

Track testing Ron's car from the production run.

OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller

One Stop Slot Shop OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller One of the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always...

Marchon Sky Fighters – Electric Air Combat System

A closer look at the 1991 Marchon HO slot car concept track - Sky Fighters. To Kool for Skool ?!? Wishing an...

Life Like Model Trains – Put down the 'device'…. .

This video produced by Walthers shows that toys that engage were never out of style. All of our modern technology is really making...

Miami Vice Speed City Chase by Galoob

In the edition of Track Review we look at the 1985 Miami Vice set produced be Lewis Galoob Toys. These sets are near...

HCS Tomahawk Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan

HCS Tomahawk Clip-On Lexan body for Tyco 440x2 and Mattel HPx2 Wide-Pan cars. Youtube Link
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Marchon's Monster Truck Racing Set Review

Set review of Marchon's Monster Truck Racing. A totally KOOL set from the 90s days of arena Monster Truck Racing - BigFoot vs....

Tyco Mattel’s “NASCAR Super Sound” Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco set that was based on a NASCAR oval and pit stop situation....

Track Review of the AGM Top Racer Set

In this edition of The Track Review, we look at the AGM Top-Racer HO set. This is essentially a proprietary Chinese set...

Artin’s Stunt Receway Set Review

This departs somewhat from out HO scale review series. Artin's 1/43rd scale Stunt Raceway is evaluated. Generally it was a solid value....

Paramount’s Horse & Sulky Racing Set Track Review

Here's an odd ball set that you don't see many of. There is no date on the set but my guess is it...

Team Hot Wheels HO Electric Loop Speedway Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Mattel's "Team Hot Wheels Electric Loop Speedway". There's a whopping 9 feet of...
Daytona-Rockledge Speedway Videos

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Life Like Demolition Derby Set Review

We take a look at the Life Like Demolition Derby set originally conceived in 2002. Some 'back story' is included from factory files...

HO Slot Car Track Power Hack III

Amp draw reviewed. A demonstration with specific HO cars and their power requirements - a visualization with the power transformer amp meter readout. Youtube...

Bad To The Bone – HO Slot Car Video

What happens when you take LEGOs and die-cast toys and combine them with Aurora A/FX and T-Jet chassis.