Life Like Racing’s Snap-on Racing Challenge Set Review

Many years ago Life Like contracted to produce a proprietary set for Snap-on Tools. The concept centered around NASCAR stockers. The boxed...

HCS Flyin' Frog Lexan for Tyco 440×2 Narrow Chassis

Track demonstration of the HCS Flyin' Frog lexan body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow Chassis being run on a Wizzard Scorpion track. Youtube Link

Painting HO Lexan Bodies – Part One

First part of a three part series. Part One will look at preparation and masking the clear bodies. Youtube Link

Hot Stocks Speedway by Life Like

A 1994 release set from Life Like reflecting possibly a catalog sales set due to the primary brown cardboard box. The set went together...

Life Like Big Track Example

Example of a large Life Like HO Racing track layout. Youtube Link

Marchon Sky Fighters – Electric Air Combat System

A closer look at the 1991 Marchon HO slot car concept track - Sky Fighters. To Kool for Skool ?!? Wishing an...

Auto World Super III Hop Ups

How to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear ;-)) The Auto World Super IIIs have had a terrible time in the...
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Tyco Mattel Hot Wheel Team Race Challenge Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco Mattel set that had 'computerized' lap timer and pit stop features. The...

Marchon's Monster Truck Racing Set Review

Set review of Marchon's Monster Truck Racing. A totally KOOL set from the 90s days of arena Monster Truck Racing - BigFoot vs....

Tyco A Team Action Racing Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco set that was based off of the A-Team TV series. The track...

Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan Level 42 Sprint Car

Track testing a Tyco 440x2 running Venom Warp 42 Neo Traction Magnets and the new urethane Super Tires rear slip-on. The base car...

Team Hot Wheels HO Electric Loop Speedway Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Mattel's "Team Hot Wheels Electric Loop Speedway". There's a whopping 9 feet of...

OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller

One Stop Slot Shop OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller One of the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always...



Tomy AFX Devil’s Ditch Set Review

A review of the Tomy AFX racing game Devil's Ditch set. It is a fascinating set when everything works right. The teeter-totter mechanism doesn't...

HCS 308 Lexan Body for BSRT, Wizzard, Slottech, and others

Track demonstration of the HCS 308 lexan body mounted on a BSRT G3-R Ceramic Pro Superstock being run on a Wizzard Scorpion track.

OS3 Lexan Body Mounting Posts for T-Jet Style Cars

New Product Review on OneStopSlotShop's new lexan body mounting posts for T-Jet style cars. These are the best quality plastic parts. Double...