Ceramic Pro Super Stock vs Level 4 Pro Super Stock

A comparison between high performance Viper V1 Ceramic Pro Super Stocks w/ silicone sponge tires and Viper V1 Level 4 Super Stocks w/ slip-on...

Tyco's Daredevil Road Racing Set

A set review of Tyco's 1969 Daredevil Road Racing Set. Uggg.... this thing was just tooooo freakin' old. The slide lock...

Armature Amp Draw – An Extreme Condition

This video demonstrates the unloaded amperage draw between a common 6 ohm Tomy SRT armature and an aftermarket 0.10 ohm (that's one tenth of...

Intro 101: HO Slot Car Tires and Magnets

In this two topic video we will look at the basics of current HO magnet car rear silicon slip-on tires and the traction magnets...

The Lenjet 30 – HO Lexan Bodies for Modelville Hobby Slot Car Raceway™ painted 30 HO lexan bodies for an upcoming G-Jet race at Modelville.

Jumpin' Jack Flash Drives the Outback Road Train

Road Trians just don't live in Australia. They can be found in Florida too ;-)) Youtube Link

Auto World Super III Hop Up – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some basic hop ups for the AW Super III cars. Here, we tweak a car to more achieve...
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HO Slot Car Track Power Hack

The biggest problem most guys experience with a factory/home track is a lack of good power as they expand their collection of better quality...

Micro Scalextric’s Star Wars – Death Star Attack – Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's Star Wars - Death Star Attack. The box art is cool enough...

Tyco's "Super Duper Double Looper" Set Review

In this edition of the Track Review, we look at Tyco's Super Duper Double Looper. It was actually an interesting set with a...

Track Review of the AGM Top Racer Set

In this edition of The Track Review, we look at the AGM Top-Racer HO set. This is essentially a proprietary Chinese set...

Tyco A Team Action Racing Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco set that was based off of the A-Team TV series. The track...

OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller

One Stop Slot Shop OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller One of the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always...
Daytona-Rockledge Speedway Videos

H.O Racing Today



Life Like Small Track Example

Life Like HO Racing - small set example Youtube Link

Artin’s Stunt Receway Set Review

This departs somewhat from out HO scale review series. Artin's 1/43rd scale Stunt Raceway is evaluated. Generally it was a solid value....

Chassis Final – Viper Scale Racing V1 HO Slot Car High Performance Chassis

The Viper Scale Racing V1 Chassis Engineering & Preproduction Process