OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller

One Stop Slot Shop OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller One of the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always...

Slots Gone Wild


Auto World vs. Tomy AFX – Head to Head Tri-Oval Sets

It would seem to be appropriate to do a side to side comparison of the AW and Tomy tri-oval sets now that I've done...

Auto World Super III Hop Ups

How to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear ;-)) The Auto World Super IIIs have had a terrible time in the...

The Lenjet 30 – HO Lexan Bodies for Modelville Hobby Slot Car Raceway

HCSlots.com™ painted 30 HO lexan bodies for an upcoming G-Jet race at Modelville. Youtube Link

Micro Scalextric’s Quantum of Solace Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's James Bond Quantum of Solace. The box art is cool enough to...

Auto World Super III Hop Up – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some basic hop ups for the AW Super III cars. Here, we tweak a car to more achieve...
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The Work Bench – Watch Review – You Get What You...

In this first edition of the HCS Watch Review Work Bench, we look at the performance of a number of Sport/Diver style watches. ...

Tyco's "Super Duper Double Looper" Set Review

In this edition of the Track Review, we look at Tyco's Super Duper Double Looper. It was actually an interesting set with a...

The new line of DS Electronic Racing Products HO slot car...

The DS line of controllers are affordable step-up controllers for entry level hobbyist. Pricing is $39.95 per unit. It is a superior product to...

Tech Block for Magnet HO Race Cars.MOV

A prototype tech block for checking applied magnetic force to the track rails. Youtube Link

Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan Level 42 Sprint Car

Track testing a Tyco 440x2 running Venom Warp 42 Neo Traction Magnets and the new urethane Super Tires rear slip-on. The base car...

Micro Scalextric’s Transformers Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's Transformers. The box art is cool enough to make you want to...
Daytona-Rockledge Speedway Videos

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HO Slot Car Track Power Hack

The biggest problem most guys experience with a factory/home track is a lack of good power as they expand their collection of better quality...

Marchon's Canyon of Doom Set Review

A closer look at the Marchon HO slot car concept track - Canyon of Doom. Too Kool for Skool ?!? In the...

Life Like “T” Car Upgrades

Hot Rod Life Like "T" chassis - upgraded traction magnets, tweaked endbell, Viper rear axle set with PST tires, Viper Skin lexan body. Runs...