Micro Scalextric’s Quantum of Solace Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's James Bond Quantum of Solace. The box art is cool enough to...

HCS Tomahawk Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan

HCS Tomahawk Clip-On Lexan body for Tyco 440x2 and Mattel HPx2 Wide-Pan cars.

Auto World Super III Hop Up – Part 3

In this last installment, we look at the long wheelbase Indy car. Hop ups include a quality 6 ohm armature, Wizzard brush barrels, Viper...

The Work Bench – Tyco 440×2 Hop Ups – Pro 8 Motor & Pro-10...

Pushing the Tyco 440x2 Hop Ups to maximum. Tyco 440x2 black stiff chassis, Pro-8 motor magnets, Pro-10 traction magnets, 2.8 ohm dynamically balanced...

New Pro-4™ Magnets for Life Like "M" Cars

HCS has developed new level 4 magnets for the venerable Life Like "M" car. The chassis as originally manufactured came with ceramic magnets....

JAG TR 3 HO Slot Car Chassis Review

In this Workbench edition, we take a look at the new JAG Hobbies HO Racing Slot Car Chassis. Generally this is a speedy...

Slots Gone Wild

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Artin’s Stunt Receway Set Review

This departs somewhat from out HO scale review series. Artin's 1/43rd scale Stunt Raceway is evaluated. Generally it was a solid value....

Tyco's "Super Duper Double Looper" Set Review

In this edition of the Track Review, we look at Tyco's Super Duper Double Looper. It was actually an interesting set with a...

The Gary Rider Limited Edition – Ron's Car

Track testing Ron's car from the production run. Youtube Link

HO Slot Car Track Power Hack

The biggest problem most guys experience with a factory/home track is a lack of good power as they expand their collection of better quality...

The new line of DS Electronic Racing Products HO slot car...

The DS line of controllers are affordable step-up controllers for entry level hobbyist. Pricing is $39.95 per unit. It is a superior product to...

OS3 Black Dragon Magnets for T-Jet Style Cars

New Product Review on OneStopSlotShop's new magnets for T-Jet style cars. These are the best quality compression molded parts. Strength is very...
Daytona-Rockledge Speedway Videos

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Tech Block for Magnet HO Race Cars.MOV

A prototype tech block for checking applied magnetic force to the track rails. Youtube Link

HO Slot Car Lexan Body Post Installation and Trimming Lexan Bodies

A short overview on how to install lexan body posts onto a standard HO factory chassis and then trim and pin a painted lexan...