HCS 308 Lexan Body for BSRT, Wizzard, Slottech, and others

Track demonstration of the HCS 308 lexan body moounted on a BSRT G3-R Ceramic Pro Superstock being run on a Wizzard Scorpion track. Youtube Link

Auto World Super III Hop Up – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some basic hop ups for the AW Super III cars. Here, we tweak a car to more...

Tyco Mattel Hot Wheel Team Race Challenge Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco Mattel set that had 'computerized' lap timer and pit stop features. The...

HO Slot Car Wheel Hub Remover and Adjuster Tool

CNC machined 1 piece Aluminum HO slot car Wheel Hub removal tool. Removes hubs with the axle in or out of the chassis....

HCS Flyin' Frog Lexan for Tyco 440×2 Narrow Chassis

Track demonstration of the HCS Flyin' Frog lexan body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow Chassis being run on a Wizzard Scorpion track. Youtube Link

Life Like Demolition Derby Set Review

We take a look at the Life Like Demolition Derby set originally conceived in 2002. Some 'back story' is included from factory files...

Tyco's "Super Duper Double Looper" Set Review

In this edition of the Track Review, we look at Tyco's Super Duper Double Looper. It was actually an interesting set with a...
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Tech Block for Magnet HO Race Cars.MOV

A prototype tech block for checking applied magnetic force to the track rails. Youtube Link

The Gary Rider Limited Edition – First Track Tests

Testing the first production chassis in the Gary Rider Limited Edition. The pickups were set a bit soft here. More speed was later...

Marchon's Monster Truck Racing Set Review

Set review of Marchon's Monster Truck Racing. A totally KOOL set from the 90s days of arena Monster Truck Racing - BigFoot vs....

Paramount’s Horse & Sulky Racing Set Track Review

Here's an odd ball set that you don't see many of. There is no date on the set but my guess is it...

Track Review of the AGM Top Racer Set

In this edition of The Track Review, we look at the AGM Top-Racer HO set. This is essentially a proprietary Chinese set...

Tomy AFX Stocker Challenge Set Review

The new Tomy AFX Stocker Challenge set is evaluated. Box art is good, packaging is above average, parts look clean and sharp. ...
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Midnight Stunt Racers from Life Like

In this edition we look at a plain brown wrapper set from Life Like - Midnight Stunt Racers. Most likely the set was...

Micro Scalextric’s Transformers Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's Transformers. The box art is cool enough to make you want to...

HCS Flyin' Frog Clip-on Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Narrow

HCS Flyin' Frog Clip-on lexan body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow cars. 1/3rd the weight of a Tyco F-1/Indy body ! ! ! Youtube Link