OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller


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OS3 Stage 3T ALL Pro HO Controller

One of the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always been getting a good controller. The price is usually always the barrier. Current units from DR, Lucky Bob’s, DiFalco, and 3rd Eye are in excess of $225.00. One is even above the $300.00 mark.
Last year Jerry at One Stop Slot Shop rolled out his Stage IIIR Resistor Controller.
A review of that unit is here on the site. That is an affordable unit. But it is limited
in its range to competitively run higher magnet cars (range is good with the15 to
30 RCB, features are limited).

Well, Jerry not being one to dismiss a challenge has solved that equation. Earlier in the year I received a prototype unit of the Stage 3T. Based on that feedback, Jerry now has a full function, full feature transistorized magnet car controller.

It has: 1) Adjustable Sensitivity, 2) Adjustable Choke, 3) Adjustable Brake/Neutral/Coast. The key feature here is that the Sensitivity pot is independent of Brake/Coast pot. You can get your sensitivity set and then dial in or out as much brake or coast as you want. Another way is to set the Choke where you want it and then adjust the Sensitivity and Brake/Coast.
Some other popular brands don’t have that ability. It is highly frustrating. As an example: If a car needs a lot of sensitivity, then the circuit puts too much power into the brake/coast pot. Switching on that pot can cause the car to screech to a halt or have so much coast that if runs around on the track with no trigger input.

When you first pick up the Stage 3T ALL Pro, it is apparent that it is a quality, well thought out and constructed controller. Jerry’s design uses a compact arrangement of control pots that are not hung out there in outer space like some units. Nearly all components are inside the handle or just above.

The current convention with most other competing designs is that the transistor is located on a big, bulky, heavy, cloddy, clunky heat sink hanging from the power wires below the controller handle. All of that is now incorporated into the handle of the Stage 3T. The only thing outside of the handle on the power wires is a small fixture for the fuse.

The short story is that the Stage 3T ALL Pro ran ALL of my pro magnet cars as fast as or faster than my DR controller. That includes: Ceramic Pro Super Stock, Club Stock Level 4 cars, 3 ohm Ceramic Level 25, Restricted Open, and Drop-In Neo.
The Stage 3T has a little different ‘feel’ than the DR. But, that is indeed is the case when comparing any other brand unit to another one. It’s just something the brain quickly adjusts to. For racers that want to be able to dail up enough coast to ‘auto roll’ a car, the Stabe 3T All Pro does that.

On balance, I’d say the other boys need to sit up and take note. There may be a new Sheriff in town ;-)) At $199.95 plus shipping, it’s the strongest controller value in the market.

Customer Feedback: Received the SS Pro Controller yesterday. WOW, love this thing.
Put a Wizzard hardbody on my track, a routed track Dan Cronin made for me. Using my Difalco HD30 (has no coast) I could turn consistent 2.8-2.9 second laps. Put the SS Pro on the track, played with the coast a bit then began turning consistent 2.50-2.55 second laps, not just faster but more consistent. I put the Difalco back on and ran about 50 laps but could not break 2.8 seconds.

I know most of that is the coast that my Difalco does not have but the SS Pro is lighter and just feels better in my hand without all that dangling weight. Not to mention $100 less than a Difalco with coast.