Tools – The Basics

Handy Tools for the Advanced Racer

As time passes and your skill level increases you will find that you need specific tools. A tire gauge from Viper Scale Racing, Wizzard High Performancel, or BSRT Scale Auto is a must have item for the serious racer. You can measure tire diameter while the rim and tire are still on the car.

If you run silicone-sponge rear tires or flanged rear hubs you need a wheel puller tool in order to remove such items in order that they may be transferred (without damage) to another axle.

A wheel press is an essential tool for mounting silicone-sponge rear tires and/or flanged rear hubs to an axle without causing damage.

A Set Up Block. This can be as simple as a piece of Tomy AFX track. Specialty vendors and some of the majors offer precision machined units. These are great for judging clearance of magnets, pickup shoes etc, and mounting lexan bodies.

Scale Engineering currently offers the absolute best and most complete line of tools for magnet car racers. You will not be sorry you spent the money for quality products ! ! !