Marchon’s Rescue 911-Chopper Rescue Set Review


A closer look at the Marchon HO slot car track – Chopper Resue. To Kool for Skool ?!? Indeed !! The set was a little hard to put together without the instruction sheet. It looks simple but really not intuitive. Like any Marchon set with single lane track, the risk of breaking parts is high.

The box art is good but the set was missing the cardboard bridge side decorations. The actual bridge structures were well thought out and engineered. My first feelings about such a bizarre set was that it might be problematic.

But once you get the hang of driving the cars, it really was easy and not frustrating like other goofy concept set can be. It would actually be interesting to have a second person and have two of the cars going at the same time.

All in all I was pleased with the way the set ran and performed.

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