Super Chrome Street Power Speedway – Set Review


In this Set Review, we look at an older Life Like set from about 1994 when the brand was in Baltimore. There really was not a lot of chrome on the cars – wheels on both cars and only bumpers on the Mustang. Cardboard city outline was done nice. “M” chassis run well on the layout.

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  1. These Lifelike cars are super fast with front & rear quality tires on my AFX layout ,,, if only they would stick a tad better in turns. No matter what I do they just won't stick …… It's a shame cause they are FAST

  2. Terry, I don't know if you have knowledge on this subject but which manufacturers are still producing IM plastic HO track in 2017?
    I assume that Tomy is but I don't know that for a fact.
    I've searched around on the web and I can't really find any info about it.