Paramount’s Horse & Sulky Racing Set Track Review


Here’s an odd ball set that you don’t see many of. There is no date on the set but my guess is it was made in the 60s or early 70s. The horse and sulky units are very complicated with all the moving parts. That in itself I find interesting.

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  1. I have several of these & I’m always looking for more. They are Hong Kong copies of the earlier French Made Gege. Their an improvement over the Gege Sulkys having a can motor & gearing where as the Gege used a clunky motor & rubberband. Gege models also had a pin in back to keep the carriage in line with the slot. This increased the hazard of rolling in the turns which most often resulted in the horses front leg getting broke !
    The Hong Kong Sets were made in the late 60s & early 70s & were Marketed Under ” Paramount Horse & Sulky or Lincoln International Hi Rev ” These sets when found usually have horses with a broken front leg despite the fact that they are much more controllable in the corners than the Gege having no carriage pin.
    If you ever decide to sell your set let me know Thanks !