Team Hot Wheels HO Electric Loop Speedway Set Review


In this boxed track set review, we look at Mattel’s “Team Hot Wheels Electric Loop Speedway”. There’s a whopping 9 feet of track in the set. The box art is cool enough to make you want to buy it. But the enthusiasm quickly fades as assembly of balky track sections and then terrible handling cars end the adventure. However, with a proper set of Super Tires to the rescue, the experience is recaptured. It’s all about The TIRES ! ! ! !

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  1. Wow ,, it's a shame … Most consumers wouldn't have a clue on how to make it work properly. Great demonstration !! Autoworld will never fix their chassis ( there I said it ) …. 👍🏻 they haven't a clue and Autoworld's tires are crap too !! And yes their body's are cool. Nice demonstration on the video