Auto World Super III Hop Up – Part 3


In this last installment, we look at the long wheelbase Indy car. Hop ups include a quality 6 ohm armature, Wizzard brush barrels, Viper axle and gears, and Super Tires. At the end of the day, the AW’s lack of quality makes it harder than it should be to hop up a car. We don’t have a ‘silk purse’ as much as a knapsack.

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  1. Before I saw these videos I saw a review on Slotcar Crazy on FB.. So I decided I'd check these cars out further. I did some minor hop ups with one of the INDY cars as they didn't run very well as we probably all know buy now and as we see in the videos. Wish I could show you all what this one does. 100% improvement with the mods I did and seems to run very smooth now and as well or better as your first one did. What I did was use just the chassis with no body for now.. 4 things and it runs like lightning! replace pinion, rear end & tires, brush and shoe adjustment. the factory pinions are junk of course..poor QC and out of round /off center and the whole stock factory gear mesh is poor. 1- replaced pinion with a factory AFX Super G+ gear..short but tight and works for my needs right now. (A Micro-Scalextric might work well ? since it is long like the AFX SUPER III. (will have to try one later) 2. replaced the rear axle with a Lifelike rear and running .474 Super tires for now.. Meshing with the new pinion is a 100% improvement and much much smoother. added a front stock TYCO front axle..lastly one full turn IN of the brush screws. Don't need a performance armature as I dont race competition etc. WOW! Super G-plus performance or better. hope to get a few more and find or make /modify some bodies to run them under.. you CAN turn these into some nice runners Easily and quickly for sure!

  2. Two things to add the the below comment .. 1.- seems the bottom of the chassis could just be sanded down to get it lower. 2. – along with the eBay sell and your assistance, I see he now has the "MAGIC MAGNETS " and they work great, as I had bought some for the Super G-plus.

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