Auto World Super III Hop Ups


How to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear ;-)) The Auto World Super IIIs have had a terrible time in the market place. A lot has to do with the parts spec from the factory and the terrible QC during assembly. You can make a Super II sing by covering the basics of hop up – good axles, tires, gears, and motor. The parts used in this demonstration retail for less than $15.00 per car. Putting in a built up rear axle set will further improve performance.

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  1. Sweet video, giving up the secrets for free! And great driving! Personally I don't get anything as a result of the wrecks but in order to know ones limitations they need to exceed them once in a while. I fully condone what the man did here.

  2. I have one stock auto world car and I can’t get it to go over a stock lifelike loop as it keeps falling off. I cannot justify spending the money and time to get any performance out of it especially when I can take a stock lifelike T and it runs great with mo mods. Auto world has nice bodies but not much else. What a shame.

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