The new line of DS Electronic Racing Products HO slot car controllers


The DS line of controllers are affordable step-up controllers for entry level hobbyist. Pricing is $39.95 per unit. It is a superior product to the similar priced Parma units. The DS controller uses a solid state circuit board for superior feel, performance, and reliability – NO wire wound resistor unit can compare !!

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  1. As a newb this subject confuses me. I started out with the factory 22 volt Tomy power pack and the little, cheap Tomy controllers like everyone else. This made many cars (Mostly Super G+ but even some of my old M/T cars) operate like an on/off switch. Mega G+ cars were impossible to drive.
    I recently picked up some of the newer Tomy 120ohm controllers. These actually work really good with my stock Super G+ but the Mega G+ cars are still nearly impossible to drive.
    Are you saying I need a 45ohm controller?

  2. so to run a super stock I need a 35 ohm? I just need some new controllers for a big home track
    440 Tycos(kids) superstocks ( adults) only cars I have. thanks

  3. I want better controls for my carerra evolution ? what do you do about the Plug ? How Does it Work ?

  4. I like Parma controllers. A 45 or 60 ohm for Tyco, AFX and similar  types of  cars, and a 90 ohm for Tjets and it's all good.  Tried the controller with the variable knob, but didn't like it.

  5. Hey Terry. Have you used any of the aurora russet 45 ohm controllers with lower res armitures? My 120 ohm tomy controller got red hot running a low resistance armature at 22v. Just asking, cuz they're pretty inexpensive on eBay.

  6. hello what ohm would you recommend for running scalextric on large track etc 18 foot straights i was thinking 45

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