HO Slot Car Track Power Hack II


The second installment of getting big amps on a budget for your factory/home HO slot car track. This testing also includes the use of a Parma 45 ohm controller adapted with a Tomy controller plug.

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  1. This would be great for the AW Drag Strip sets. No longer needed for Tomy, now that the new Tri Power power packs. BTW, I want that Viper car from Hack Video 1 — where can I get one?

  2. Sorry, but I liked the 1st generation T-Jet cars the best.  It took some skill to race these instead of just putting them on the track and watching them go round and round.  It took more skill to race the cars.

  3. Hey, just found this site. Wish to thank you for taking the time to help share your wisdom. At 60, I have rediscovered the only hobby that takes me back to when I was about 8, when I got my first 4 lane T-Jet set. I still have 2 of the original cars and race them from time to time. Thanks again!

  4. no comparison to the old T jet,AFX ,and Magna track Cars I have.We had a 4 lane track(1970s),and used a 12 volt car battery to power the track,Still hard to keep them on the track.

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