Viper V1 HO Slot Car RTR Chassis Assembly & Discussion


Overview of assembly steps for Viper V1 ready to run car. Basics apply to Tomy Super G Plus and BSRT G3 platforms.

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  1. Just a question. Since you built and fast car why didn't you choose to use a ball bearing end bell and a bearing on the rear of the armature. That would place the armature on bearings instead of bushing? Do the bearings hold up well with low ohms armatures? Any heat issues effect the bearings. Also I have seen silver plated end bells with bearings. I don't race G plus, but I like the design of the chassis for a magnet cars. I only run T jet & afx chassis.

  2. Well, I got an old banged up Super G+ to practice on and a G3 962 Chassis for transplant. Predictably the stock chassis cracked in short order and I did the swap along with a fresh tune up kit. This and Gary's videos were invaluable help, thank you. I had to trim the stock magnets in order to fit, and the fronts were dry rotted and disintegrating so I replaced them with some Jel Claws I was given. I have some BSRT, but I'll save those for race day, I also have some rears but I'll go on the stock stuff as I learn, then start replacing as things wear out. I see there's quite a few things to be done in the future, and traction mags are a big step. Thanks.

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