Wheel, Axels & Hubs

Pro-Trax™ Independent Front End Set
$9.99 each set

Fits Tomy SRT, Super G Plus, Scale Auto G3, Tyco 440 and others.
Comes with hubs and keepres, front ‘Donut’ tires, drill-blank axle.
It is reomemded that you have a wheel press to push the keeper on straight.

Pro-Trax™ Double-Flanged .250 OD Machined Delrin Narrow Rear Hubs
2 Sets for $7.50


Precision light-weight machined delrin hubs are True Pro Quality. 30% lighter than our standard single-flanged .265 rear hubs. Great pro quaility hop up for just about any HO slot car. (rear axle set not included).

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Pro-Trax™ Single Flanged .265 OD Machined Delrin Narrow Rear Hubs
$3.99 for 2 Pairs


Two pairs of new narrow style Machined Delrin Rear Hubs. They solve lots of problems encountered with cheap factory hubs. Will fit BSRT G3 and Tomy Super G Plus cars running full-width traction magnets and still be ‘legal’ over-all width. Works well on all brands of HO slot cars when properly installed with quality HO tire and press tools.

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Pro-Trax™ O-Ring Front End Set
$3.99 each set


Fits Tomy SRT, Super G Plus, Scale Auto G3, Tyco 440 and others.
Comes with hubs, o-rings, and axle.  Tyco sets are complete and ready to snap in. Tomy SG+  need have one hub pressed onto the axle. Please indicate chassis for use.  White or black.

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Ball Bearings for BSRT Scale Auto Chassis
$14.95 per Pair


These are quality Japanese ball bearings.
They must be used with a ball bearing shaft armature such as a ‘Spinner’.
They will not work on stock 6 ohm armature shafts.

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Pro-Trax™ Stainless Steel .060 Rear Axles – $1.25 Each

225_002_2_These are made from the highest grade of SS rod.  When used with a  new crown gear, they are great replacements for any BSRT G-3 or Tyco 440 car.

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