Lexan Bodies

HC Slots carries a variety of clear lexan bodies.  Below is a photo inventory of molds available.  The most popular bodies are listed for sale in the shopping cart or on our eBay site.  Email if you have any questions. tflynn7@verizon.net

OLD SKOOL’ Lexan Headquarters
All Clear Lexans – $2.50 each
HC Slots is your ‘Old Skool’ Lexan headquarters.  We carry a good assortment of Parma 70s lexans.

Photos below are representative – not what’s in stock.

Back Row L-R: Porsche 917K, Porsche 917/30, Datsun 510, Dodge,  Mercury, Chevy
Front Row L-R: UOP Shadow, Plymouth, AMC Javelin, Mustang, Camaro, Firebird

Painting starts at $12 per body for one color.  Multi colors are more.

Trimming and pinning to Scale Auto or Wizzard chassis is $10.00 per body.
Please email me at tflynn7@verizon.net to purchase.

HC Painted Lexans
Lexans are painted here at Harden Creek.  Body styles and colors will change.
Call or email for an update and latest photos.
Prices start at $12.00 each for one color un-trimmed.
Multi-colors and trimming and pinning will be more.

Lexan Bodies for Tyco, Tomy SGP, Turbo, SRT, Magna-Traction, Mega-G, Aurora G+
$2.00 each Unpainted Lexan Body
     HC Slot exclusive lexan bodies do not need body posts!  Conformal designs allows just about a ‘clip-on’ fit.
     The Flyin’ Frog fits Tyco 440×2 Narrow.  The Hammer Head fits Tomy Super G Plus short wheelbase.  The Diamondback  fits Tomy Turbo and SRT like a glove.  The Diamondback can be adapted to run on about any car that runs a standard Aurora/Tomy clip design – Mega-G short wheel base w/ factory clip; Magna-Traction, Aurora G+ wide chassis.  See the shopping cart for ordering.
     Bodies can be secured by using either a dab of Vibra-Tite VC3 or Scotch double sided tape.  If you use Vibra-Tite, let it flash off for 10 minutes before putting the body on the chassis.