HCS Tomahawk Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan

HCS Tomahawk Clip-On Lexan body for Tyco 440x2 and Mattel HPx2 Wide-Pan cars. Youtube Link

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Drives the Outback Road Train

Road Trains just don't live in Australia. They can be found in Florida too ;-))

New Long Travel Pickup Shoes and Pro Shoe Hangers from Harden Creek Slot Cars

In this video, we discuss the new long travel shoes and pro shoe hangers from HCS. Generally shoes can be categorized into, ...

HCS 308 Lexan Body for BSRT, Wizzard, Slottech, and others

Track demonstration of the HCS 308 lexan body mounted on a BSRT G3-R Ceramic Pro Superstock being run on a Wizzard Scorpion track.

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