Bad To The Bone – HO Slot Car Video

What happens when you take LEGOs and die-cast toys and combine them with Aurora A/FX and T-Jet chassis. Youtube Link

HCS Flyin’ Frog Clip-on Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Narrow

HCS Flyin' Frog Clip-on lexan body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow cars. 1/3rd the weight of a Tyco F-1/Indy body ! ! !

Harden Creek Slot Cars Pinion Gear Tool and Tire Gauge

In this edition, we look at new tools from HCS - the pinion tool and the tire gauge. We will talk about how...

Tyco 440×2 Assembly and Hop Up

In this edition of the Work Bench, we look at taking apart a Tyco 440x2 and reassembling it with some basic hop up parts. Youtube...

Dean’s Diamondbacks – HC Slots Clip-On Style Lexan Body for AFX, Tomy, and BSRT

The Diamondback is a clip-on style lexan body that fits AFX, Magna-Traction, Tomy Turbo, SRT, and Super G Plus. Works well on BSRT G3...

HCS Hammerhead Clip-On Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Narrow

HCS Hammerhead Clip-On Lexan Body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow cars. Youtube Link

HCS Tomahawk Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Wide-Pan

HCS Tomahawk Clip-On Lexan body for Tyco 440x2 and Mattel HPx2 Wide-Pan cars. Youtube Link

1970s 'Diver' Style Economy Swiss Watches

In the early 1970s there was no lack of 'economy' Swiss diver style watches being sold under numerous names. During my junior and...

HO Slot Car Track Power Hack III

Amp draw reviewed. A demonstration with specific HO cars and their power requirements - a visualization with the power transformer amp meter readout. Youtube...

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Drives the Outback Road Train

Road Trains just don't live in Australia. They can be found in Florida too ;-))

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