"A. A. 's" HO Lexan Body Fleet

A.A. is an international customer. He ordered 30 painted and trimmed HO scale lexan bodies for his fleet. The bodies are various...

Track Day with the new Super 7 at Harden Creek Slot Cars

After about a 2-year layoff, we got the guys back together for a Test 'n Tune club event for the Central Florida HO racing...

Slots Gone Wild

Youtube Link

The Lenjet 30 – HO Lexan Bodies for Modelville Hobby Slot Car Raceway™ painted 30 HO lexan bodies for an upcoming G-Jet race at Modelville.

Super 7 HopUps

In this Work Bench edition, we look at some basic as well as advanced hopups to the Super 7 GTS car. This is...

Tomy Turbo Magnet Upgrades

In this edition of the Work Bench, we will look at a few different formula magnets for hopping up a Tomy Turbo. The...

HCS Hammerhead Clip-On Lexan Body for Tyco 440×2 Narrow

HCS Hammerhead Clip-On Lexan Body for Tyco 440x2 Narrow cars. Youtube Link

Vintage Watches For Sale on eBay – April 2021

Here's a quick rundown on some vintage watches for sale in my ebay store for April 2021. source

Chassis Final – Viper Scale Racing V1 HO Slot Car High Performance Chassis

The Viper Scale Racing V1 Chassis Engineering & Preproduction Process Youtube Link

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