Tyco A Team Action Racing Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco set that was based off of the A-Team TV series. The track...

Evaluating HO Slot Car Track Rails

An overview of common plastic track rail height & design and how the affects magnetic downforce in a specific HO slot car. "Heavier' rails...

Track Review of the AGM Top Racer Set

In this edition of The Track Review, we look at the AGM Top-Racer HO set. This is essentially a proprietary Chinese set...

HO Slot Car Track Power Hack III

Amp draw reviewed. A demonstration with specific HO cars and their power requirements - a visualization with the power transformer amp meter readout.

Team Hot Wheels HO Electric Loop Speedway Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Mattel's "Team Hot Wheels Electric Loop Speedway". There's a whopping 9 feet of...

McDonald’s Race Team Challenge

A 1993 release set from Life Like reflecting the McDonald's NASCAR team. The set went together easily and ran well. Cars ran...

HO Slot Car Myth Busters – WD-40 vs. Clean and Dry

Myth busted that WD-40 is a good way to clean your HO slot car track. While it might make the track look better and...

Micro Scalextric’s Transformers Set Review

In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's Transformers. The box art is cool enough to make you want to...

Super Chrome Street Power Speedway – Set Review

In this Set Review, we look at an older Life Like set from about 1994 when the brand was in Baltimore. There really...

HO Slot Car Lexan Body Post Installation and Trimming Lexan Bodies

A short overview on how to install lexan body posts onto a standard HO factory chassis and then trim and pin a painted lexan...

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